TAG One2One commercial

Time to post the full movie, I guess.

I worked on all CG elements here as CG Generalist.
Made a model of One2One paintball using a real one only as a visual reference in 3ds max, textured it in Mudbox, rendered with VRay. Fume and fire effects made with FumeFX, compositing in After Effects.

Also made all the shooting effects: flying paintballs and hits (most of them, some of them were rigged on stage by a special effects engineer)

Backstage,, some simple breakdowns included:

Directed by: Evgeniy Oprya
Script: Igor Arakelyan, Oleg Pavlish, Evgeniy Oprya, Ernest Davydov
Director of photography: Evgeniy Oprya
Camera operators: Dmitrity Pavelyev, Michael Davydov
Director’s Assistant: Pavel Spirin
CG VFX: Michael Davydov
On stage Pyro effects: PYROSPECEFFECT Company
GUARDIANS Tactical Paintball Team