House of Languages


This was a simple but really fun project with it’s own challenges and a lot of animations. I was responsible for all animation in this project, including rigging, animating, exporting and setting everything up in the…

Every morning in Russia


Two videos are now officially available, featuring my work as Lead Animator. Motion capture on set supervision, mocap data processing, retargeting, polishing, exporing. Some rigging and pipelnie tool development as well.

GUARDIANS Спорт – Финал Кубка России 2013

Съемка, монтаж, анимация логотипов GUARDIANS. Мы победили! Моя команда! 😀

Tracktor Bowling Official Music Video

Yay! Music video directed and filmed by me and my VGIK classmates, in a studio. Initial edit by me, further refined and mixed with some concert footage by one of the group members to match their…