ShowReel 2016 – Animation and Rigging

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  On this project I was rigging and animating multiple characters.

Dwarves Tales


Character rigging and animation.

Walking Dead: Road To Survival


Facial rigging and character animation.

Random animation #01

    Starting some new ‘sections’ of my blog. Under Random animation I will just post some little practice or personal or non-NDA animations I’m working on. *”Random animation” section of the blog is about different…

BroDynamics 1.4.0 Released!

Phew, it took me a while to get it all together. It was huge update. Last few days was I was fighting with bugs mostly, which started to appear seemingly out of nowhere. There are three…

ShowReel 2014


Some of my works up until 2014.

Precursors CG Short


This particular cinematic was our first attempt at making a full cinematic production. It started as a university graduation project, so we had to stick with a tough deadline and certain requirements to fit into diploma\graduation…

Prohibition PB Game Announcment


This was an announcement for a paintball game based around the mafia and prohibition themes. Though to me it is not polished enough, still this was a fun low-budget project to work on! DIRECTOR: Mikhail Davydov…

STALKER PB Game Announcment


This was an announcment for a paintball game based on STALKER universe. Though it was used to advertise a commercial game, the project itself was not commercial and made by me and GUARDIANS team for fun…