BroTools Snippets #03 – PySide context menu for QLineEdit and other elements…

Well, some time ago I decided to go with PySide code for all my UIs instead of native maya.cmds functions for menu-building. I was attracted to the freedom in creating and styling of those menus, and the fact that Jeremy Ernst did a lot of menus with PySide. And another fact that knowing PySide I can not only write UIs for maya, but also for different standalone python tools. Which is cool. But if you just need a menu – go with cmds. Don’t bother with PySide.

Anyway, with that said, I still prefer to use PySide. And recently I was banging my head against the wall, trying to add a simple context menu to QLineEdit. To allow pasting some preset text into QLineEdit, for BroSelector tool.

And Finally, it worked!

Here is the full code related to it. I skip imports and window creation. Just the relevant stuff.


#Creating the actual QLineEdit. I use from QtGui import *, so I don't need to write QtGui.QLineEdit, just QLineEdit, mind that.
self.type = QLineEdit("transform")
# Adding context menu to line edit
# Creating action. Make as many as you like
self.actionHello = QAction(self)

# Creating Menu = QMenu(self)
# Adding action to menu. Add as many as you like

# First we need to change our element's Context Menu Policy to Custom.

# Now we catch basically the right-click event, the customContextMenuRequested event, and assing our own handler (function) for it.

#And here goes the handler function.
def contextMenuRequested(self, point):
    # the point variable (which you can call whatever you like actually) is passed to this function as first arg, so we can use it in the next line.

And thats it. YAY! Saving it here, so I won’t lose it, and in case it is useful to someone.