BroDynamics is out

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After some time of searching the web for something like good-old Spring Magic for 3ds max, or any other quick and universal secondary-motion solution, I decided to write my own.
It is a part of my own toolkit, which I conveniently called “BroTools” just for the fun of it, but I decided to go further with this prefix and called it BroDynamics.
With a click of a button it can temporary add a simulation dynamics based on nHair to any rig, any selection of objects, bake it on controls, and clean up after itself. Without breaking rigs. Working with referenced rigs.

Recommended use include: Tails, hair, tentacles. It can also be used with any FK hierarchy, which is recommended, but it works with almost any type of hierarchy really. 

So, for example, if you’re an animator who wants to spend more time on creative process and acting of the animation, and less time on routine animator-tasks like creating secondary motion to all those tails, long bunny-ears, tentacles, etc., – this tool is for you.
I’m already using it in my every-day work, so you can expect regular updates, at least for some time.
Currently I plan to add more simulation options to the UI, maybe making it possible to preview the simulation before baking it on controls.

Unity fun

Having fun with Unity 3D. A little game-ish created in the process.
My own record was 68 kills so far, and can’t beat it myself, argh…

WASD – Movement
Right Click – Aim
Left Click – Shoot (When Aiming)
Shift – Use force to pull physics objects into the point where your mouse is (When Aiming)

GAME (Unity Web Player required)

Precursors CG Short

This particular cinematic was our first attempt at making a full cinematic production. It started as a university graduation project, so we had to stick with a tough deadline and certain requirements to fit into diploma\graduation project, like a minimum duration of 5 minutes, and others.

It’s main goal was to try out our skills at CG cinematic production. We were inspired by the work of such a great studios as Blur and Digic Pictures, as well as a lot of sci-fi and space-related movies and games.

And though we are not fully satisfied with what we’ve got, we processed and discussed our mistakes, so this movie is great experience for us.

It is based on a fake-universe, so don’t search for a full game or a movie =)

 And some making of shots, some never made it into the movie, unfortunately.

Here are some procedural planet shaders I made and rendered.

planets_shaders pl6


Some simple test engines: