BroRig Update 03 – Shape replacer



And here come Pixar Presto’s style controls! A tool which allows me to quickly replace NURBS curves with controls following mesh. Very intuitive for animators. Thanks to Jason Schleifer for showing how this is done in Maya.

BroRig Update 02 – Mostly works



Well, it mostly works, and already created a script to replace controls with selectable mesh controls, details in the video.
Will create mini-ui for it, probably, and move onto creation of automatic ik-fk switching stuff… Or fix the rig itself. Or, maybe, put it away for a while, and rig something with advanced skeleton and animate it… Hm, not sure which will be next yet. We’ll see.

As a side note, I might also add, that here I use a model from DOTA 2, for testing purposes. The auto rig is also built in a way, which allows to use it with different joint orientations.

Right now I’m aligning towards making a simple tool, which will require a rigger to first create a skeleton and then rig it using this script. But later I’m thinking about also developing some easy-to-use skeleton-creation tools, with visual meshes attached to skeleton during the creation process, to help see orientations of joints better. I also plan to include a node, which will hold information about the skeleton through meta-connections. Which will allow to change joint names if needed. And then, the 1-click auto-rig will look through the meta-data and build the rig. So, theoretically, it will also allow to relatively quickly rebuild the rig if needed, since meta-information will be kept.

Not quite like AdvancedSkeleton, but similar approach.

BroRig Update 01 – Basic Stretchy IK-FK Done

Hooraaay, Basic stretchy IK-FK is done. Can now quickly rig arms and legs, without feet yet. Scales correctly with the rig, thanks to Zeth Willie’s tutorial. Basically it will correctly scale under any circumstances, even if the character is parented to something else and that other object is scaled. Will try to make everything else scaling the same way.

In the video the character breaks when i’m scaling it just because nothing but legs and arms is rigged. But arms and legs scale correctly. Once I rig spine and head it will work just fine.

Currently it automatically finds 2nd and 3rd joints… But as I think of it now, it was not a good idea. If there are, say, twist joints in that hierarchy, the script wont work. But it’s no biggie, will fix this some other time.

Yeah, also forgot to add, I will, of course, add a nice pretty PySide UI to this!