House of Languages


This was a simple but really fun project with it’s own challenges and a lot of animations. I was responsible for all animation in this project, including rigging, animating, exporting and setting everything up in the…

ShowReel 2016 – Animation and Rigging

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  On this project I was rigging and animating multiple characters.

Dwarves Tales


Character rigging and animation.

Walking Dead: Road To Survival


Facial rigging and character animation.

BroTools Snippets #03 – PySide context menu for QLineEdit and other elements…

Well, some time ago I decided to go with PySide code for all my UIs instead of native maya.cmds functions for menu-building. I was attracted to the freedom in creating and styling of those menus, and…

Every morning in Russia

BroTools Snippets #02 – Select joints influencing mesh

Saving another couple of clicks in routine work, simple script to select joints influencing skinned mesh. Could not find a 1-click solution for this in Maya. Maybe I just missed something? Anyway, maybe this will be…